AMSUM – We create a new you!!!
Made for the uber chic man of today, a dash of AMSUM in your wardrobe helps you rule the streets with your dapper avatar.
The vision of an engineer and a fashion designer, AMSUM is the perfect blend of style, functionality and affordability. Amit and Sumit Mittal had the idea for an apex go-to Men’s fashion portal brewing over a cup of coffee and thus was born AMSUM – I AM SUM.
Started in March 2019 in the Indian fashion capital of Delhi, AMSUM is home to the definitive trends in Men’s fashion. The perfect amalgamation of clever craftmanship and exemplary fabric; we bring feisty trends and contemporary colours to your doorstep. Our in-house capabilities in Classic, Stretched and Wrinkle-free options translates your persona outward; to stand out and beyond of the crowd.
A fleet of shirts in new age designs and fabrics for you to choose from – that’s the AMSUM promise. Looking to build a platform of the future, robust and compatible to your every sartorial need, with an extensive portfolio that speaks of a beautiful blend of technology and design. With interesting options to play with, we aim to provide nothing but comfort at your fingertips.
The AMSUM man is a bit of handsome, a bit of love some, a bit of lissome and a lot of everything fabulous under the sun. The AMSUM man stands tall, basking in power and performance unrivalled.
This is the age of awesome.
This is the age of AMSUM.
An age of a new you.
Amit Mittal
44 yrs
Engineer turned entrepreneur
Armed with 21+ years of experience in Sales, Marketing and Business Development in B2B domain, his entrepreneurial spirit led to the creation of AMSUM and establish this as a brand in a challenging yet potential B2C domain. He brings on board a prolific knowledge of product marketing and development. 
Sumit Mittal
38 yrs
Fashion Designer; travel and adventure enthusiast
This adrenaline seeker lends the flair to the pair. Premium tailoring is his forte. Having perfected his craft under the mentorship of one of the best and most renowned fashion designers in the country. He knows how to push the boundaries with experimentative ideas. He makes possible colours come alive for his clients spread across the globe.