What to look for Premium branded shirts

How to choose the right medium / high-end shirt + selection of brands

When you start to have a little budget, to buy beautiful pieces, you will tend to turn to "mainstream chains", and thus spend your money on clothes that do not always have a good value. Quality / price. This is also valid for Premium branded shirts, and in particular so-called “classic” shirts (which are mostly worn at work, with a suit).

You keep trying, in your own way, to make you discover lesser known brands but with a nice approach to the product. Before offering you the selection of brands, let's take a look at what distinguishes medium / high-end shirts.

What to look for Premium branded shirts

For a first look at the shirt and follow some basic advice, this article has been written on which recaps what is essential to know first and foremost. Also, for those who would like to know more about “casual” or casual shirts, it is suggested you read this article.

For the rest, let's make a list of things to check on a nice shirt:

One of the essential components of the shirt is the fabric: the hand (= the feel) it provides (the fabric must not be rough), the color (no filthy reflections), the solidity of the fabric are primary factors in choosing a shirt.

Buttons: What are they made of? Ideally, they are made of mother-of-pearl, thick, very white. To check, you can put your lips on the button, if it is cold, it is indeed mother of pearl. Behind the button you can also see blue streaks. The most famous mother of pearl is called “mother of pearl”.

Test the fit of the collar. On casual shirts (in chambray for example), this one is soft, but preferably buttoned (American collar). On more classic collars, the collar must be held. To do this, the shirt must also have ribs. Finally, check the seams.

Sewing buttons: How are they sewn? Crossed? Lily flower? The stitched cross is preferred, or the sewn in fleur de lys for aesthetics. The last button is sewn vertically to relieve tension from the bottom of the shirt

Small selection of Premium branded shirts to watch out for

Important note: prices and products are sometimes de-correlated for Premium branded shirts; one can thus find entry-level Premium branded shirts in terms of finishes and fabrics, with prices corresponding to luxury products (several hundred euros). Conversely, you can find brands that offer parts that are really worth their price: this is called good value for money.


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