What is a casual shirt?

What is a casual shirt?

The casual shirt is a fairly casual shirt that is usually worn on weekends or at work when the dress code is not too strict.

Unlike a formal shirt, the Formal Casual shirts for men allows for greater originality with more varied possibilities in the choice of materials, fabrics, colors or details.

The casual shirt has become a staple in the men's wardrobe and it is for this reason here is a summary article to help you choose and wear it well.

How to choose right Formal Casual shirts for men?

In order not to go wrong when choosing your Formal Casual shirts for men, it happens to be important to learn about the material, the weaving, the buttons, the type of collar and the cut.

Which collar and which buttons for your casual shirt?

The choice of the shirt collar is essential.

Today, many casual shirts are made with mandarin collars or button-down collars. However, it is also possible to choose more versatile collars that can also be worn in a more formal setting.

Regarding the buttons, the Formal Casual shirts for men allows you more originality and you can therefore opt for buttons that contrast with the color of the fabric.

The wooden buttons for the chambray shirt are a perfect example, they have a raw finish that contrasts with the fabric and brings a touch of originality to the shirt.

What cut and what length for Formal Casual shirts for men?

To keep them comfortable to wear, it is advised you not to opt for a shirt cut that is too close to the body, instead favor straight or semi-slim cuts for your casual shirts.

In general for your shirts, avoid cuts that are too close to the body (slim or extra slim), these cuts are less comfortable and only very rarely highlight.



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