How To Style A White Shirt- Styling Tips And Tricks To Become A Fashion Pro

The classic show-stealer of every occasion is a white shirt. A white shirt is a wardrobe staple and the most subtle, minimal, yet bold fashion statement that can be styled in multiple ways. A classic white sheer shirt and a pair of blue denim jeans never fail to impress. A sheer white shirt, with either formal or slashed jeans, roll-up sleeves, calls for a relaxed and laid back look. This article will guide you through the basic fashion etiquettes starting from ways to amp your basic angle white shirt to arrays of accessories that can break the gender paradigm in fashion. The good news is that there are multiple ways to fix a horrible fashion dilemma - and it's much easier than you might think.

Summer Fashion Styles With A Plain White Shirt

Step up your basic shirt and jeans to a semi-formal look that instantly elevates your casual style. Three refreshing summer styles can elevate your fashion senses.

1.    The Casual Lookbook

A white shirt is a universal “must-have” to a stylish, chic, yet comfortable casual look. The casual lookbook includes addressing your white shirt with a well-fitted or even vintage pair of jeans. Jeans are the most preferred choice for more comfort-casual looks.

However, to elevate your basic jeans and white combo, you can add refreshing yet summer style accessories like a brown leather belt, a pastel or plaid scarf, and a pair of moccasins or loafers. A white shirt paired with vintage jeans and chunky sneakers can immediately upgrade your basics.

For a “bad boy” look, you can amp your white shirt and jeans with a black leather jacket and a pair of aviator sunglasses.

This is comfortable, yet fashionable summer style will keep you refreshed throughout.

2.    The Preppy Lookbook

Shorts are the most refreshing and comfortable. Fashion myth states that shorts and white shirts are a“fashion disaster.” However, for a laid-back, preppy summer lookbook, you can team up your basic white shirt with a pair of tailored dark-toned or earthly-toned shorts.

How can one elevate this simple look? Well, start with rolled-up sleeves, a brown or tan belt, matching boat shoes, and a pair of wayfarer. This look will amplify your seasonal look.

3.    The Smart-Casual Lookbook

A men’s white shirt is truly diverse and is a great fashion piece of investment for your wardrobe. To dress the smart-casual way, you can pair your basic white shirt with trousers.

Trousers downplay as a casual and a trick to eliminate, including substitutes like chinos, plaids. Plaid and chinos have taken fashion to the next level. To further heighten the formal ensemble, pair the attire with brogues or loafers, trainers, and a pastel or neutral colour sweater around your shoulders. The overalls will make you look smart in a comfy-casual way.

How To Match Your White Shirt With Suits?

Here are a few ways how you elevate your basic suit for special occasions. Many colour choices will match different suits, but often nothing comes close to matching the elegance of a nice white shirt. It is always a breath of fresh air.

1.    White Shirt and Black Suit

For a long time, the black-white combo has been going together, better than just about anything over decades. The Black and white colour combo is a total opposite combination or because of how much they complement each other.

A black suit with a white shirt is a no-brainer as it waltzes its way as the most classic colour combination for suits. Black is a polished colour, and white adds a sophisticated ensemble, and you can carry it as normal formal wear to a casual fashion break-in for semi-formal events.

2.    White Shirt and Navy Suit

A navy suit is the next best classic that falls as the colour that can slay the look. The Navy suit is best placed on the colour wheel and has firm matches and clashes. The white shirt is a definite yes for and is the colour that can look classy together and contrasts with its highlighting blue tones. In return, the dark navy suit makes the whiteness of the shirt pop, and a brown tie can amp your overall outfit.

3.    White Shirt and Cream Suit

White and cream style is more on the formal side of fashion and is an outfit that rails sophistication at the best events like weddings and christenings. The white and cream tone is the personal gig favourite for best events like car shows, corporate meetings, premieres, and business presentations. You can carry out this look on the semi-formal side by losing the tie or the bow and the pocket square and go bozanka casually. You can look into premium cotton shirts online to upgrade your formal attire.

Angle white shirts are the most underrated colour on the palette but have the power to save your fashion when in doubt. A formal white casual shirt can be a mundane colour for men. However, a little playful with colours that break the boring, mundane redundancy of the colour white. White is the most formal casual shirt for men, and a colour juggle will help you build both a great professional and a casual look. However, make sure your white shirt fits you perfectly, as there is nothing worse than an ill-fitting shirt!

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