How to choose the right checked shirt

How to choose the right checked shirt

While people think it is old-fashioned, put in the closet since the 90s, the plaid shirt has been making a strong comeback in recent years and is establishing itself as a must have in any self-respecting male wardrobe. Whatever the type of check, worn over raw jeans fully closed to the collar as the Hipsters do, or open by showing a plain t-shirt for example, the Cotton check shirts is winning over more and more followers.

Types of tiles in Cotton check shirts

To choose your Cotton check shirts well, it is essential to put order in this mishmash of checks that is on offer.

The first type is the vichy tile, like a restaurant tablecloth. The tiles are more or less large but the whole is always two-tone. Basically, the smaller the checks, the more stylish your shirt will be. It must inevitably be worn with the buttons closed. If the buttons are big enough, you will give off a relaxed effect and then you can leave the first two buttons on the top open.

The instructions for the plaid Cotton check shirts

There are several ways to wear the plaid shirt depending on the style you want to adopt. Should you wear it with the collar closed or leave a few buttons open? Wear a t-shirt underneath or put nothing on? Wear it as a belt at your waist? With or without a sweater?

Here are some variations that will help you see more clearly:

. Hipster: the plaid shirt is fully buttoned, and is associated with a definitely assumed and very aesthetic style.

. Casual: the Cotton check shirts are fully open. It is a great classic for weekends, for walks by the sea. Worn with a t-shirt with a V-neck or with a round-neck tank top, it is often found associated with beige chinos and a pair of running. A real street-style.

. Grunge: the under 20s did not experience this great era in the early 90s with a group like Nirvana which was the emblem par excellence. The grunge style is however returning to the front of the stage and this is why you find it not on oneself but rather around the belt. Here, the plaid shirt is more of an accessory than a full-fledged garment.



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