Giza Cotton/egyptian cotton - A Complete Guide by amsum designs

Giza Cotton - A Complete Guide

When it comes to recognizing the world’s most used and popular textile, cotton definitely makes it to the top of the list. Cotton is known to be one of the most comfortable and breathable textiles, which is worldwide used to make clothing as well as other home furnishing products. The fabric is lightweight, soft, fluffy and breathable, which makes it a number one choice for making summer clothing.


There are a myriad variety of cotton fabric available in the market. However, Egyptian cotton, which is also known as Giza cotton, stands out from the rest. The fabric is cultivated alongside the banks of river Nile and usually manufactured in the Middle East. Hence, Egyptian Giza Cotton mainly gets its name from the place of its cultivation and origination. This type of cotton is world famous for its softness as well as strength. The highest valued quality of cotton boasts some rare characteristics that makes it absolutely unique and different from any other type of cotton.


Since Egyptian Giza cotton is a high-grade material, the products made with this type of cotton are substantially expensive but luxurious. Giza cotton is mostly used to make flagship quality products which include the world’s costliest bed sheets, linens and clothing.

What Gives Egyptian Giza Cotton a High-grade Quality?

In the cotton growing trade, the most important aspect is known to be the location of growing cotton and the kind of facilities the location provides. The reason for such extraordinary characteristics of Giza cotton could be the incredible region for cultivation, the expertise of the cotton cultivators of Egypt, and the methods of its cultivation.


As a matter of fact, the production of Egyptian Giza in one of the best possible geographical areas with all the soothing conditions contributes to the perfect quality and growth of Giza. For a perfect cotton growth, other important factors are perfect sunlight, the right amount of humidity, and a soil that is very rich in nutrients. Fortunately, the banks of the river Nile offer absolutely perfect weather conditions to grow this type of cotton. The cotton grown in this atmosphere is naturally superior in quality.


Further, the area of the Nile delta is lust and green all throughout the year as it has a continuous source of water from the river Nile. The moist soil in this delta; thus, contributes to an excellent growth of cotton. The humidity of this area depends on what season it is at the particular given point of time. But mostly, this area has a very high humidity level that is another contributing factor for getting an excellent quality raw material.


Tips to Buy Giza cotton


Before anyone goes to purchase this kind of cotton, they should be extra careful and understand how to recognise the right Giza cotton and differentiate it from other types of normal cotton fabric. Here’s how to purchase the best quality Giza cotton products:

●      Material Quality

The most important thing to check is its quality. The difference between Giza and other Egyption cotton has been a matter of confusion among people for a very long time. It is worth understanding that Giza is a type of Egyption cotton but is completely different from other regular cotton fabric.


The two basic qualities to check while buying this luxurious cotton material is its softness and breathability. Giza is rare quality material, and there are no other fabrics that actually feel the same as this kind of cotton or have similar characteristics. It is the reason Giza Cotton is the costliest material available in the whole world. 


Touch and feel the fabric. You won’t find these characteristics in regular traditional cotton. By checking for these qualities, you may not end up paying more money for the duplicate product.

●      Price of the Product

But honestly, the price is worth it because there is no other cotton that matches the quality and comfort as of Giza material. Giza can only be exported from Egypt, and thus it takes a lot of time, energy and effort to create products and trade in the market. Hence, shirts, beds, or curtains made of this high-class material are a little more expensive than regular cotton. But wait, not every other highly priced product means it is Giza cotton.

●      Choose Reputable Stores

Next find a credible store. Often it happens that regular cotton is marked as Giza and sold in the regular shops. So to avoid being cheated, one must be cautious and choose the shop that they want to buy from only after proper research and understanding. Shops with least or no reputation should be strictly avoided as the authenticity of these stores cannot be trusted completely.


As discussed above, the best way to identify and differentiate between Giza cotton and any other kind of cotton is that Giza is much more softer and lighter and can be almost felt with the hand. Also, a reliable store will always offer you a seal of trust as you will find an authenticity tag on the product with complete material manufacturing and export details.

Uses of Giza Cotton

Keeping in mind the incredible characteristics of Giza cotton, there is scope of coming up with better, innovatively designed products with this material.


Giza is known to absorb sweat and is extremely breathable by nature. Due to such characteristics, any garments made of this cotton keeps the skin cool even in extremely hot temperatures. Thus, it is the best possible choice for the summer season. Giza cotton is widely used for making men's suits and is absolutely ideal for making the spring or summer clothing collection.


Another amazing fact about Giza is that it can be easily dyed into multiple colours although white remains to be a common and popular choice among the public. However light shades of pink, blue and yellow are also incredible options. Hence, you will find shirts in an array of colors.


Besides apparel, Giza cotton is also widely used in making luxury home furnishing products. Such products include making of superior quality bed sheets, curtains, sateen weave bed linens and fine cotton towels.

Final Words

There are definitely ample valid reasons why Giza is the rarest and best type of cotton in the world! If you want to invest in luxurious and comfortable fabric, don’t look beyond this international cotton material. The incredible Giza cotton is absolutely suitable for lightweight clothing and lightweight furnishings.

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