Fuel Your Autumn Delightfulness with Our Breathtaking Autumn Collection

AMSUM – it is a one-stop destination for a unique collection of premium cotton shirts for men. The makers have a style for every personality, as well as every season of the year. A vast range of chic colors and fashionable designs are available on the e-commerce site of AMSUM. The shirts are all made of premium quality fabrics. They are amazingly crafted as well. You can select shirts for yourself with ease, according to your personality along with your choice of colors and patterns, with just one click.

The fabrics they use in making the elegant shirts are- classic cotton, stretch cotton or lycra, and wrinkle-free cotton. Besides these, the range of shirts they design with 100% Giza Egyptian cotton is immensely popular among their customers. Each of the fabrics they use, guarantees you long-lasting shirts with superior quality, both for formal wear and casual wear.

Now, let's catch out on the range of styles AMSUM is offering in their latest Autumn collection. Choose your pick wisely after giving the blog a thorough read, so that you can be sure about the type that would complement your personality and provide you with timeless vogue, and most importantly, absolute comfort.



Light pink or baby pink – the tone is a timeless vogue itself. There is probably no fashion enthusiast who would say 'NO' to any shade of pink. Moreover, a light pink outfit would add sheer holiness to the numerous festivals that come every year following autumn. Trance is a stunning and stylish party wear a cotton shirt for men, from the new range of Autumn collection launched by AMSUM.




Retro, one of the most eye-catching pieces from the range of autumn collection by AMSUM, is an elegant and unique gunmetal grey shirt, which will greatly contrast the colors of nature throughout the mesmerizing season of autumn. The elegant metal grey color gives you all the classiness you’ve been looking out for.



Life is too short to wear clothes that look dull. After all, what do our Indian festivities call for? The uncountable carnivals in India are all about brightness and vibrance. Then why not dazzling colors for your wardrobe? AMSUM offers you a range of variety in hues and tones of party wear cotton shirts. Bordeaux is one from the newly launched autumn collection, grabbing which will ensure you enhance your mood of festivity.




Invictus is another luxury comfortable slim-fit shirt from AMSUM's autumn collection range. This striking shirt made of premium Giza Egyptian cotton has classy self-stripes on it, which add extra elegance to the overall outlook. Adding this stylish piece to your wardrobe will make sure that you need not to think about what to pick for the next office party.





Velocity has been designed with the purpose of making you grab all the eyeballs. This luxury comfortable slim fit shirt with the magical combination of vibrant blue and green is everything you need to look dapper. It’s suitable for parties, clubbing, social events; you can also pair it with a neutral-colored blazer if someday you wish to wear it to the office.


El Clasico


Checks for men will never fade away as a fashion statement. So here is El Clasico, from the newly launched autumn collection. Is there any fashionista who is not going to love this striking combination of indigo and white? This classy piece has different sizes of checks into it, from tiny to medium, from big to bigger.

Concluding Thoughts

Hopefully, you have found the suggestions and recommendations useful, that we lined up for you in the above blog about the exclusive collection. If you decide to go according to our recommendations when you buy a premium cotton shirt from AMSUM, you will surely have a successful purchase, with the assurance of quality fabric. Browse through the e-commerce site of the makers, and you will find the piece you are on the lookout for.

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