Premium Classic Shirts for Men that Always Step out in Style

When we talk about some premium cotton shirts for men, the options might vary. But there are a few things which are certain and universal, such as the quality, comfort, durability, stability of the colors, seamless stitch, and so on.

Now, majority of the men think that the fundamentalism of good quality cotton shirts is to be worn in any and every occasion without thinking about its appropriateness for the same. But the actuality is a little different. Shirts do come with various styles and designs, and you will always find a different pattern, print or design for every occasion; be it the office, a social event, an evening clubbing, or a short weekend trip to the outskirts of the city.

Today we are here to cover the range of online shirts for men, which are available in AMSUM. We shall also explore the ins and outs of these stylish pieces, which can easily grab all the eyeballs. Before that, let us tell you, AMSUM has shirts for every occasion. And the shirts are designed with premium cotton and elite Egyptian Giza cotton, which is extremely comfy and of top-end quality.

Here goes the variations:

Straight Collared Premium Cotton Shirts


Premium cotton shirt

These luxury comfortable slim fit shirts are perfect products for the office goers. Moreover, the colors are not-so-accent, making the shirts perfect for a number of occasions. You can put on a blazer on a dapper blue shirt or a dark night black shirt, and bang! You are all set for a wedding function or any other grand social event. The tinkering violet shirt in the above image would look quintessential if you wear it for a party, accompanied with a statement tie.Apart from the colors we mentioned in the previous paragraph, there are some more color options that are available for these amazingly comfortable and luxurious Premium Classic shirts. The colors are woodland brown, wild berry pink, jungle green, gracious greys like calm grey or olive grey, dazzling white, and a few more.


Band Collared Shirts


Premium cotton shirt for office

A band-collared shirt is basically a shirt which is almost without collar. The collar-area consists of a plain fabric band, to be more precise. The half-collars run around the neck with no turndown, which means the collars cannot be folded over.

Band collars go perfectly well for any Indian occasion. But these are out-and-out not for regular office days; rather these shirts are there to make you look dapper in parties and social events. AMSUM manufactures an elegant range of band-collared party wearing cotton shirts.

Giza Cotton Printed Shirts


Giza cotton printed shirt


Amazing results come out when the manufactures treat a whole shirt as their blank canvas. The printed comfortable slim fit shirts in AMSUM are everything you need to brighten your day. The unique designs will make you fall head over heels with these striking pieces. Apart from the image provided above, there are more styles in this ‘printed’ genre. There are “ice-dot white shirts”, “breeze white shirts”, “party-house black shirts” and many more. What are you waiting for? Just go to the website and grab your pick, and be ready to rock the next party.


Casual Checks


Blue and red check shirt


Check shirts have always been the rational partner that all of us need. It is a timeless fashion, without a second thought. Well, the graceful check shirts available at AMSUM are all made of 100% Giza Egyptian cotton. The soft fabric looks good both in a done-up way as well as undone and unbuttoned over a solid T-shirt. The tremendously soft fabric makes the shirts look free-flowing.


Graceful Stripes


Cotton stripe shirt


Wearing stripes is a symbol of being a fashion-freak. The statement men premium quality cotton shirts in Egyptian Giza cotton with self-stripes make you look dashing, giving your entire outlook a different level of appeal. Stripes bring out the boldness in your sense of styling. Stripes are perfect both for offices and casual dining outs. The above “Invictus Blue Shirt” will definitely grab attention if you wear this in a party or an occasion.

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Love these cool shirts. Thanks for sharing.
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Katie daniel May 06, 2021

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