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Printed shirts are the hottest trend in men’s wardrobe these days. Men are looking for better options to flaunt their fashion sense and style on any occasion; and our unique yet intriguing prints complete your look every time. Here are some of the best features of our Printed Shirts For Men:

Attractive yet sophisticated

When you are looking at our portfolio, you will see only the most attractive and sophisticated prints. Don't go for anything silly as our tailor-made and sleek shirts will complement your contours perfectly.

Unique prints

Printed shirts can be worn on get-togethers, casual meetings, hangouts, coffee and dinner dates, parties, etc. Gone are the days when men used to dress up only on special occasions. Modern men prefer to look presentable always and with the fabulous prints of AMSUM they can afford to look unique and fashionable every day.

Perfect fitting

AMSUM shirts are designed to fit perfectly and they come with extra margins that prove to be useful while refitting the shirts. Each shirt is perfect with seamless collars, slim & sleek stitching, premium fabrics, and unbeatable designs & patterns that not only add an edge to your personality but also make you look much younger.


Variety is the thing of the Millenials and AMSUM recognizes this. With AMSUM you get the option of choosing different prints for your shirts and these are not regular or offbeat but fresh, inspiring and energetic prints. Also, you can choose between different colours and fabrics such as classic cotton, wrinkle-free cotton, and stretch cotton while buying our shirts. But brace for more. You may see exciting colours & prints soon!


Men seek comfort the most when it comes to clothes. AMSUM shirts are made from pure cotton that keeps you cool and dry even in the hot & humid weather conditions. Therefore, instead of wearing shirts made from synthetic fabric that easily irritate you in tiring weather conditions you can go for the dust-mite resistant and breathable AMSUM cotton shirts that provide a relaxing comfort.

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