Unlike women, we men are short of fashion ammunition; thus choosing correct attire and accessory is really important. Scientifically, it's proven that things shown at eye level attracts or distracts other’s attention. That’s why Hair, Face & Eye care products sells well globally. When it comes to clothing, Shirt always holds most important position in our wardrobe; as that’s the first thing catches attention. There is a saying that shirt bring out a gentleman out of a man.

Can you imagine any fit bollywood actor wearing a normal tailored basic or a regular sized shirt ?? Isn’t it a misfit ? Exactly that’s the point... To augment your fit body & your good looks; Your selection of correct shirt plays an important role. If you have realized, market is flooded now a days with lots of Slim Fit shirts for Men.

Curious questions must come to mind: What make shirt so special? If you think it's only design or color, believe me you are wrong. It starts from correct drape of fabric, dyed & printed in correct color/design, stitched perfectly as per your body fit. In today’s modern age, it’s not feasible to buy fabric and get it stitched from your local tailor. Moreover, it gives a very basic simple look. It's good to have a designer touch to your shirt by having good modern firm collar, prefect shoulder fit and adequate cuffs.

Fashion at basic price is everyone’s dream which AMSUM is fulfilling it. AMSUM Men’s shirts are being produced under the business mantra of Fashion @ commercial value. Amit & Sumit, who decided to leave corporate world to satisfy their entrepreneurial dreams; brought their respective commercial & fashion expertise and experience in industry of Designer shirts for men. After a long time something awesome is there in market to help us i.e Men to dress handsome. 

Small below details in AMSUM Men’s formal & casual shirts gives them a competitive edge over competition 

Perfect Length & Tapered Cut to look good both on Trousers & Jeans
Darts at back to give Designer & Fit look
• Tailored Stitch
• Seamless Collars
• Constant R&D on fabrics, colors & designs based on International Trend Forecast

They are not another shirt maker which would compete in this already crowded market, instead they have very quickly made niche for themselves with an amazing selection of colors and fabrics styled with superb design sense.

May All Men Dress Well!!!

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Katie daniel May 20, 2021

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