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AMSUM has a color for every occasion and these are not ordinary but fresh and appealing colors that add a distinctive edge to your overall look and personality. AMSUM has been created to defy the odds and therefore, it breaks every barrier that comes in between style and you! We, at AMSUM, are constantly looking for new styles, trends, and colors that can be incorporated into formal and causal shirts made for men.

Let us look at some of the exciting features of our plain Colored Shirts Online In India.

Premium look & feel

The formal shirts of AMSUM are crafted precisely from premium quality fabrics and materials. These shirts not only provide the utmost comfort but their slim and neat stitching make you look suave, lean and handsome. Choose the solid colored shirts in either standard collar or mandarin collar as per your style preferences in Classic, Stretched or Wrinkle Free.

A soothing comfort

Fabric used in these shirts goes through pressure and steam which stabilizes its feel and structure. Moreover, these shirts are made from hypoallergenic and breathable cotton which is dust and mite resistant as well. As a result, you can wear them in all seasons and climates.

Plenty of options

Sensational 44 colours are offered by AMSUM. Each color is unique, vibrant and soothing to the eyes. Choose the hues that complement your skin tone and personality. Also, AMSUM uses three different fabrics viz. classic cotton, stretch cotton (lycra) and wrinkle free cotton which give you more options while choosing the shirts.

Apart from these features, each shirt of AMSUM comes with extra margins for refitting, seamless standard collars, band collars and sleek & slim shoulder seams. Get draped in latest AMSUM collection and impress everyone around you!

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