5 tips for choosing a men's shirt

Is choosing the right shirt a complex process for you? Gentlemen or even ladies, read this carefully in order to save time and several fitting sessions! Here are the top tips for choosing Mens shirts online.

  1. Think about the usefulness of the shirt

The first question to ask yourself before conducting your research is: for what occasion will this shirt be worn? A chic event, for work or simply for an outing with friends? Depending on your answer, head to the correct department or category. Men's shops usually classify their shirts in 2 main categories: dress shirts and casual or sport shirts.

  1. Favor natural materials

For a comfortable and durable shirt, whatever the occasion, you absolutely must favor natural materials. Cotton, linen or silk will be good allies. Stretch or synthetic fabrics are avoided which are, in the long run, less durable and less comfortable.

  1. Choose the weaving of Mens shirts online

There are many popular weavings when making a shirt. What is weaving? This is the background pattern that the Mens shirts online presents. 

  1. Opt for a neutral or trendy color

Now, what color of shirt to choose for Mens shirts online? For a shirt that pairs well, it's important to prioritize a neutral color like gray, black or blue. The trend is also in the color burgundy!

  1. Measure the collar and choose the Mens shirts online

The first question to ask yourself before measuring the collar is: will the shirt be worn with or without a tie? Some brands offer collar sizes depending on the measurements. Take the neck measurement or use these simple tips: 

With tie: A finger must be able to slip between the attached collar and the neck. The tie will therefore come to rest directly on the collar of the shirt and will be straight. For the collar model, the classic is to be privileged with the wearing of the tie.

Without a tie: A finger or two (depending on comfort) should slip between the attached collar and the neck. It's a question of look and comfort, because it will be possible to detach the first button of the shirt. For the collar model, it is according to taste!


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