AMSUM is an incomparable collection of premium cotton shirts for men. They have a style for every personality and all the occasions. A range of trendy colors and styles are available here, which are made of premium quality fabrics as well as amazingly crafted. You can choose your pick according to your personality along with your choice of colors and patterns, with just one click.

The fabrics they offer are - classic cotton, stretch cotton or lycra, and wrinkle-free cotton. Besides these, they are popular for the shirts they design with 100% Giza Egyptian cotton. Each of the fabrics guarantees you long-lasting casual and formal wear shirts with premium quality.

Now, let’s catch out 5 different and popular styles of daily wear shirts which are available at AMSUM, give a read and choose your pick wisely, after understanding which type will complement your personality and deliver you absolute comfort and timeless vogue.

Check Shirts Are Always Breathtaking

Check shirts are undoubtedly the ‘must-have’ in your wardrobe. Well, these checks for men are the 'essential pieces' everyone needs for a daily-wear option and feels confident and comfortable in. There are many varieties for everyone when it comes to checking shirts. Those who find happiness in a battle of colors can go for the vibrant combinations of checkered patterns; while there are neutral lovers too, who can pick some combined sober colors.

A striking check shirt can also replace a jacket when it is not utterly cold. Putting on a check shirt with its buttons open, over a crew-neck T-shirt, is a perfect weekend fashion that can never go out of style.

Grey Creates Mystery

A gunmetal grey shirt for men is all you need for the weekend clubbing. In addition to that, to our amazement, these elegant solid shirts also fit perfectly as a formal outfit.

So fundamentally, these neutral solids go with all the fixings. If you want to be spotted, keep enough solids in your cupboard, which you can use for both work and the after-work business parties or business meets. The stylish finesse and sophisticated outlook are enough to stun everyone both at the work or the club.

The Erratic Band Collars

A Band collared or choker collared shirt follows an eastern tradition, unlike the other styles following western patterns. These collars are often referred to as a 'mandarin collars’. This style comes with a short unfolded standing collar, as you can see the dazzling white shirt for men in the image. The style and name were derived from a group of Mandarin bureaucrats hailing from China, who employed this specific collar-finishing as a segment of their uniform.

Shirts with band collars are unique, and they somehow give you a festive look. The minimalist approach speaks volumes. To add on some extra appeal of festivity to a solid band collared shirt, slip into a traditional suit.

Self-Stripes to Look Dapper

Putting on a luxury comfortable slim fit striped shirt is all time’s favorite. Striped shirts are probably the greatest creation of fashion designers, especially the vertically striped ones. And the range of the self-striped shirts at AMSUM is popular among all the regions and various age groups.

Threads are weaved in a very specific and significant way to create the stripes vertically. The colors, textures, unique-ness, and the mind-blowingly premium material, these are the key reasons behind the popularity of these jaw-dropping pieces. This range fits well with both work and festivity.

A Black Shirt Makes Your Life Colorful

The graceful black shirts made of premium cotton give you utter comfort by letting you breathe well. And who doesn’t know that a striking black shirt is a timeless fashion? Because of the premium quality breathable fabric, these shirts are suitable to wear on any type of climate.

The fabric of these shirts is usually very durable, and the pieces become softer with repeated use and wash, making them even more comfortable to put on.

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